Friday, August 31, 2012

Charles Korsmo (Hook)

 Charlie Korsmo has been MIA since 1997 when he did his last movie. Where has he been? What has he been up to? Why did he leave the spot light? Find out by watching the video below. 

(Audio Transcription)
I'm Tyler Angel, and welcome to The Herald Angel.
Our top 90's story tonight: Tragedy Has Struck; Furby is returning to the market place . . .
Now we turn our time over to Tyler Angel who Will give us a story regarding Charles Korsmo lost/missing child actor.
Thank you Tyler. I'm here today with film enthusiast and all around great guy, Tyler Angel, who's here to give us a little detail into the life of Charles Korsmo.
How are you doing today Tyler?
I'm doing really well. I'm doing really well. How are you?
Good. Thank you, thank you. Now, we're told that you are some sort an of expert regarding Charles. Could you give us a little detail into his early file life?
Let me just stop you for a second to tell you, I am your BIGGEST fan! Biggest fan, you're so awesome.
. . .
Charles started acting at a very young age. Some of his major roles that he played were in things like "Dick Tracy", he played Iggy in "What About Bob", and also he was in the movie Hook where he played opposite . . . well, do you remember Hook?
Of course, with Robin Williams.
Perfect, Yeah!
Now I think many of us know that Charles, or Charlie as he was better known back then, played Jack, Robin Williams son. Was that his last movie , in 1991?
In 1991 he announced his retirement from film, but then decided he was going to pull a Michael Jordan move and come back a few years later. So in 1997 he was in another film that I really can't remember what's it's called . . .
Now, Why would he retire at such a young age?
Something very interesting about Charlie is that, he didn't really enjoy acting. Acting was OK for him but he really did it because he was bored in school. He did it as something to get him through elementary school. You know, just to kinda' kill time until he moved on.
He seems like he was a pretty smart guy.
Yeah in 2000 actually he went on to graduate from MIT. He had a 4.0 GPA and left with a degree in Physics. So he's a really smart guy. And actually after that he ended up going to Yale University and graduating from their school of law, and then ended up working to the US House of representatives. Well thank you so much Tyler for coming on the show, it's really been a pleasure having you. And thank you so much for watching at home.
Until next time this is the Herald Angel, and we'll see you around.

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